YourHemp Launch Date

YourHemp Launch Date
23rd June 2018 YourHemp
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Which CBD Oil To Buy

As the CBD UK market continues to grow and the vast information around the benefits grip the attention of the UK, we at YourHemp want to help aid you in finding the highest quality Cannabidiol and answer the question ‘Which CBD Oil to buy UK?’.

From today you now have the answer, YourHemp has officially launched with a range of the highest quality CBD Oil, CBD Vape E-Liquid and CBD Cream.

How To Work Out The CBD Dose

Here at YourHemp we know that trying to understand the different strengths and bottle sizes can be quite confusing. We want to make your life easier and healthier when it comes to purchasing CBD.

Each product will show a measurement of MG and ML.

MG – Milligrams, this is the measurement of weight in CBD to measure the total weight within the bottle, tub, or container.

ML – Millilitre, this is the measurement used to describe the volume of fluid within a bottle, tube or container.

To find out how much CBD per ML is in each product, simply follow the equation below.

CBD / ML = CBD per ML

1800 MG / 10 ML – 180 MG per ML

The higher the MG size and lower the ML the stronger CBD per ML.

How To Work Out If My CBD Is Value for Money

This should influence your decision when purchasing CBD products as investing into the higher prices will give you a higher MG per ML providing you with a longer lasting oil, stronger benefits and saving you money.

Most importantly when purchasing any CBD products, we recommend that you only buy from Cannabis Trades Association UK members.

The Cannabis Trades Association UK work consistently with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

Any member of the CTA will follow the government guidelines ensuring each product is fully tested and safe for human consumption. YourHemp are proud members of the CTA.

Our Goals

We understand that there is still a negative stigma around ‘cannabis’, and we want to help remove that stigma by educating and brining you a trustworthy, premium brand.

We pride ourselves in becoming a leading pioneer in the CBD industry by giving you the highest quality product as well as service and education.

In such a fast-paced world where people become numbers to an industry, be that customer and employees, we at YourHemp want to focus on what’s important, your health and wellbeing.

This is the main reason we started YourHemp to give you a product that will help benefit you the consumer daily and grow a company which focuses on its customers and staffs mental and psychical health equality.

Let’s start our CBD Oil journey together, use code YH10 to receive 10% off your order as a welcome in purchasing the best CBD Oil in the UK.

Thank you and welcome.


“Your mind at ease, your body at rest”

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