Can I get CBD Oil on the NHS for my Anxiety?

Can I get CBD Oil on the NHS for my Anxiety?
22nd January 2019 YourHemp
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Can I get CBD Oil on the NHS for my Anxiety?

So recently in the UK CBD / Cannabis oil was legalised for medicinal use on the NHS with higher levels of THC than what you are legally able to buy from many CBD sellers across the web.

In the UK, due to the nature of CBD Oil sellers cannot claim that it has any medicinal value other than for health and wellbeing. The one area that CBD oil is most associated with is with anxiety depression, CBD oil is what most people with depression would look to as an alternative to antidepressants. As always here at YourHemp we advise that you seek medical advice before looking to substitute that for another method to treat your condition and all responsible sellers in the UK should always make those statements.

So, CBD oil cannot get you “high” as it only contains trace elements of the compound THC which is the part of the cannabis plant that gives you the “high” effect you can obtain from other drugs which would be classed as a controlled substance.

The NHS in the UK advise that most online sellers cannot guarantee the levels of THC which could potentially make the product illegal to have in your possession, and the quality of the product may be questionable. Here at YourHemp we agree with that advice, there are several sellers who DO NOT get the products tested and don’t buy from a reputable manufacturer of CBD products. There are also some sellers who do not know where the source of that product has been obtained. Always look for a test certificate for several things.

• The trace amount of THC in the products – This should always be sub 0.2% which is the legal UK limit.
• The CBD amount within a product.
You can find what a test report should look like here:
Please make sure whenever you buy from any CBD seller make sure that they are fully transparent and can supply these reports on request, or even better have them on their websites.

Each bottle carries <0.05 traces of THC which is well below the 0.2% legal guidelines. This is important as you know that the claims that are being made are genuine and the higher the concentration the longer the bottle should last as you tend to need to take less drops. The NHS in England state that the risks of using Cannabis products containing THC are not currently clear and clinical trials are needed. Pure products which is those that have trace amounts of THC and are mainly CBD based do not carry the same unknown risks linked with THC. As a rule, the greater the THC within these products the greater the risk of Psychosis and Dependency on the Medicine. Therefore, its use on a medical prescription is limited to children who suffer from rare forms of epilepsy. Also if you have spasticity from MS or you have sickness from Chemotherapy, you can get access to a medical prescription. A specialist will always discuss your needs first however according to the current NHS guidelines it would be unlikely to be prescribed CBD / Medicinal Cannabis on the NHS at this stage. For their full advice please visit

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