What is the Potential Cost of CBD oil to the NHS?

What is the Potential Cost of CBD oil to the NHS?
22nd January 2019 YourHemp
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What is the Potential Cost of CBD oil to the NHS?

Here at YourHemp we love data and one of the questions that came up while we were having our morning coffee was: How much would the cost of supplying everyone who suffers from either anxiety or depression potentially cost the NHS at retail values? So we decided to try and answer this question using our own product and we opted for the 1000mg YourHemp Premium CBD oil https://www.yourhemp.co.uk/product/cbd-oil-1000mg/ to put a number against each one.

So, here’s how we worked it out:

1 in 4 People in the UK suffer with some form of Anxiety or Depression in the UK.

66 million people live in the UK.

1 in 4 would equate to 16,500,000 people.

We took the cost of the product £64.95 and worked out that you would need a repeat prescription every month.

So, £779.40 per person per year.

We then multiplied that by the 16,500,000 people.

Which came to a staggering £12,860,100,000.

I think for us it helped highlight the extent of the issues within our country for mental health, and the potential cost of helping aid with some of this and those challenges that the NHS face. Especially when you think that the total NHS budget is 114,600,000,000 to cover every cost associated with our country’s health.
It would cost the NHS 12% of their entire budget just to fund CBD for everyone who suffers with anxiety.

This was just meant to be a little bit of fun when the question was asked, but it really put everything into context for us. It has reinforced why as a business we are putting 10% of all our profits back into mental health charity ‘MIND’, who help aid our amazing health service with much needed help.

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