Gogglebox Steph & Dom Medical Marijuana Review

Gogglebox Steph & Dom Medical Marijuana Review
24th January 2019 YourHemp
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Gogglebox Stars Investigate CBD for Epilepsy

Many people will know Steph Parker and Dom Parker from the now super famous TV show Gogglebox. Something many people don’t know about Steph and Dom is the fact they have a son called Max who is 18, who was diagnosed when he was 4 years old with rare form of epilepsy.

Steph and Dom were told that his condition would only worsen as Max can have over 100 seizures a day. To control this, he was given a Vagus Nerve Stimulation implant alongside a cocktail of drugs to help control the number of seizures. Max has had to go through this ordeal throughout his life, and the likelihood is that one day he may not come out of a seizure. The couple are very aware of this with Steph stating;

“It is likely that one day he will have a seizure and not come out of it.”

“He has about 100 seizures a day and the toll on his body is enormous”.

“I don’t think he will make old bones, put it that way. We are fairly prepared for that and grateful he is still with us.”

The celebrity couple are exploring the benefits of using medicinal cannabis to see if this can have a positive impact on Max’s quality of life. They approached Channel 4 and in October the programme was commissioned to produce a 60-minute documentary about this highly controversial subject.

CBD on the NHS

I suppose it’s no coincidence that this comes at a time when the NHS have decided to offer medicinal cannabis on the NHS. This clearly shows that there is a medical need for the product, even if it’s use is heavily restricted for now. I think that part of that reason is that the NHS simply wouldn’t be able to afford to offer this on prescription to everyone, we wrote a blog about the potential costs to the NHS here: https://www.yourhemp.co.uk/2019/01/22/what-is-the-potential-cost-of-cbd-oil-to-the-nhs/

Googlebox Stars Head To America to Find Answers

Max’s case is unique in many ways as not only does he suffer from epilepsy, he also has autism. This means that he has the mental age of a 6-year-old, making it a full-time job to care for him. In the documentary the family travels across the UK meeting other families that are dealing with similar situations to hear their opinions and experiences on the subject. They also visit families in the U.S where CBD based products, with and without THC (the part of the cannabis plant that gets you high) have now become legal in a large amount of the states. The stigma around this plant is far less than in the UK.

This show also comes after the recent case of Billy Caldwell, who was the boy that had his medicinal cannabis confiscated on the family’s return flight from Canada where cannabis has been legal for some time now.

This opened a huge debate about the subject and also sparked outrage across the UK. This is because a substance that had been seen to improve a child’s life, yet the UK government didn’t want to set a president by allowing the continued use of the CBD oil. This is due to the levels of THC being higher than the current legal limit of 0.2%, it does pose the question; life over legislation?

Does CBD Help with Rheumatiod Arthiritis

Now we can’t medically claim that CBD has any medical benefits although we can share with you a recent review from a customer of ours.

A recent customer Rachel who was suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis said this of our products:

“I have been taking CBD oil for just over a month now. Previous to this I was suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for the last 10 years, I had gone down the medical route and was trailing a new drug Embrel and the side effects from this were horrendous almost worse than the rheumatoid itself.

I decided to come off this drug two years ago now and tried to manage the daily pain with codeine. My rheumatoid left me feeling helpless and in so much pain with making the day to day life seem almost unmanageable.

I then decided I needed to see if there was any alternatives and CBD was being talked about a lot in the media and I came across YourHemp and decided to give them a try.

I am now just over a month in and have stopped taking the codeine.For the first time in years I have had a full night’s sleep, I am waking up in the morning feeling more alive than I ever have and my range of movement has been the best it has in over 10 years. I was always skeptical of other drugs or non-conventional methods to treat illnesses with however CBD Oil has genuinely given me my life back and a reason to live again”

CBD oil is becoming more mainstream and its benefits have been widely talked about, especially with ‘This Mornings’ Holly Willoughby and Phillip Scofield having a feature a couple of days ago about CBD based products and stating that it helped with such things as:

– Anxiety
– Depression
– Joint and Muscle Pain
– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
– Arthritis
– Cancer

Although I imagine the producers were screaming down the earpieces to add the caveat that more testing needs to be done to help quantify some of those claims, this is something that we would welcome.

Can CBD Help with Epilepsy For Gogglebox Stars Child

Although having said that, there have been a large number of studies around many of those above claims that would suggest that there is weight behind some of this.

There have been a number of studies around this subject. One study that is related to the topic of Epilepsy (which is what this documentary with Steph and Dom focuses on) is shown below: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4189631/

This concludes that more significant testing needs to be done, which does raise the question; Why hasn’t this been done? There is so much anecdotal evidence out there that CBD has changed people’s lives. The significance of this can no longer be ignored, and with mainstream media reporting on this every other week you have to question for how much longer it will be for.


We really do hope that Max can find some longer-term relief from his illness, and hope that CBD is in fact the answer or at least part of that answer for him. No human being should be allowed to suffer, especially if there is something available that can minimise that suffering.

It is great to see TV stars like Dom and Steph, who are loved by millions from their antics on Gogglebox using that fame to raise awareness of CBD.

What’s not to love about these two people? Genuine and caring is what shines through and it’s exactly what this documentary demonstrates. But just imagine how many other parents who are suffering the same, but don’t have the ability to get the media on board to help raise the awareness of the benefits of CBD. It can only be a good thing that CBD oil is becoming more mainstream and much more widely accepted by the UK population.

This leaves three questions:

– Should Cannabis be legalised?

– Should CBD be recognised by the UK medical authorities and fully tested without the pharmaceutical industries taking control and pushing prices up of this product?

– Why are the UK government unwilling to follow the lead of other countries on its stance?

We would love to hear your feedback and opinions on this topic. If you watched the show, how did you feel about it? Did you thing the Gogglebox stars gave a fair representation? Do you have your own experiences with CBD oil? If you do then we would love to hear from you.

Our own advice is that its always worth giving something a try and if you do want to try CBD then take a look at the collection here SHOP CBD OIL

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