The future of the Cannabis Industry? What is CBG Oil?

The future of the Cannabis Industry? What is CBG Oil?
21st February 2019 YourHemp
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The future of the Cannabis Industry? What is CBG Oil?

The cannabis industry is growing. As the seeds of legal cannabis in the UK begin to sprout, so does the information surrounding cannabis and its various components. Plenty is known about what the plant itself will do if you say, put it in your pipe and smoke it, but popularity in the medical, political, and scientific communities is prompting research into the microscopic components of the plant and how they may be advantageous.

CBD became somewhat of an overnight celebrity, but now there’s a new cannabinoid who’s beginning to gain attention: CBG. Cannabigerol, known under the easier acronym of CBG, is the latest phytonutrient of the cannabis plant to reach for the spotlight.

Its popularity has proven to be a bit of a slower burn, and that’s predominantly due to lack of understanding. When the cannabis plant is harvested, it’s treated with heat, pressure, or chemicals to extract the active ingredients, like CBD and THC. These harsh processes protect active ingredients but lead to the breakdown of CBG, resulting in less than 1% concentration.

However, when the cannabis plant is young and healthy, it’s bursting with CBG. In fact, some researchers believe it’s integral to the growth and maturation of cannabis.

In its early molecular stages, CBG is in the form of cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). This acid acts somewhat as plant food, breaking down as the plant matures. This decreasing content becomes almost null once the plant is dried and processed, alluding that its role is over.

CBG Animal studies

Scientists are keen to prove otherwise. In rat studies, CBG exhibits an ability to increase appetite. They found that rats dosed with CBG more than doubled their food intake over the course of 2 hours in comparison to rats that received placebo.

In another rat study, researchers identified the ability of CBG to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumours. The test was carried out on mice chemically induced with colon cancer. Using CBG in these same mice inhibited the growth of tumours and promoted the death of cancerous cells.

In the treatment of other degenerative diseases, CBG revealed some neuroprotective potential. The results of a mouse study showed a notable improvement and recovery of damaged brain functions.

These effects are those that were often attributed to the more commonly-known cannabinoids, and it seems CBG may channel much of the same strength. Like CBD and THC, CBG has proven it also plays a role in pain and inflammation in animal studies.

Mice induced with Inflammatory Bowel Disease were treated with CBG and researchers noted a reduction of nitric oxide – a main pain transmitter.

Lab studies show a significant promise for effects of CBG when taken to clinical trial, but it may be some time before that happens. CBG oil finds itself in the position CBD did many years ago: underrepresented and under researched. There are still a lot of questions surrounding its uses, efficacy, and safety, but preliminary evidence is displaying green lights.

The more that’s uncovered about the components of the cannabis plant, the closer experts come to harnessing its positive power. CBG highlights another crucial step in rediscovering the secrets harnessed in this powerful plant.

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