Which Countries is CBD Legal in

Which Countries is CBD Legal in
29th May 2019 YourHemp
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Is CBD Legal In My Country?

It is a question that many people often ask is CBD legal in your country and there is yet to be an extensive document that details the legalities of where you can travel with CBD oil, and which countries is it still illegal in. This can make it extremely frustrating for those of you who have come to rely on this amazing product when travelling.

To begin with let’s understand where all the confusion comes from around CBD and why so many countries struggle with its regulation. CBD is extracted from certain varieties of the cannabis plant often known as hemp. Depending on which plant it is extracted from can determine the level of THC that is found within the CBD product. It is the THC that is the element of the plant that gives you the high and the part that is illegal in many countries as a stand-alone product. However, when CBD oil is extracted it often has only trace amounts of THC which cannot get you high. This is where the stigma and confusion regrading CBD oil stems from. For example, in most of Europe the legal limit is 0.2% THC content and often many of these CBD products only contain less than 0.1% trace amounts.

A main issue with travelling with CBD oil is that many customs officers simply don’t understand the regulation of their own countries rules and you can have them confiscated even if its legal.

One of the other main reasons for a lack of guidance on this subject is the fact that the CBD market has exploded, the below graph from Google Trends demonstrates this by showing the search queries globally for the term ‘CBD Oil’. In the last two years it has literally exploded.

CBD World Trends 5 Year Graph

So, let’s look at the complexity of CBD oil and some of the issues that you have and why its such a confusing topic. Depending on its extraction method, CBD oil will almost certainly contain some THC. Usually this is in the form of trace amounts, so for example in the UK as long as it has less than 0.2% THC then it’s a legal product. Anything over this amount makes it becomes an illegal product, unless it’s been medically supplied. So why does this matter when you are travelling? To put it simply if a country has a zero tolerance to THC this could amount to drug smuggling for which some of the penalties can be severe.

Something else that we noticed is that the search queries from Google Trends data is that it shows that those countries where CBD Oil is legal are those with the largest search volume. There is a definite correlation between legality and search volume, however much of this will have been driven by the huge media attention in those countries.

Our team has done some extensive research and even then, there is a few grey areas with many countries, but we will talk in more detail about this. What we want to do is break this down into areas of the world firstly to give you an overview, and then look at individual countries after that.

I suppose one thing to touch on is the fact many countries have only really had two years to respond and put in place their position, which for governments isn’t really that long in terms of legislation.

Which Countries Is CBD Legal in Europe?

Europe is a one of the main leaders in terms of CBD oil and its attitude towards the substance. However, please be warned that most countries state that if the THC level is above 0.2% then it could be deemed as a controlled substance. There are however some countries in Europe that don’t have limits on the THC level within CBD oil, as cannabis is legal within those countries. So, for instance the Netherlands and the Czech Republic sell cannabis in stores throughout the country, meaning that the levels of THC within CBD oil are irrelevant.

There are still countries where it is illegal, but it has been decriminalised, meaning there is unlikely to be any prosecution. Then there are some countries which have legalised it for medicinal use but not for general use.

Country Population Is CBD Legal
Aland Islands (Finland) 29,000 Yes
Albania 2,783,000 no
Andorra 75,000 No
Austria 8,477,000 Yes
Belarus 9,460,000 No
Belgium 11,162,000 no
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,847,000 No
Bulgaria 7,261,000 No
Croatia 4,258,000 Yes
Czech Republic 10,519,000 Yes
Denmark 5,612,000 Yes
Estonia 1,283,000 Yes
Faroe Islands (Denmark) 48,000 Yes
Finland 5,436,000 Yes
France 66,616,416 Yes
Germany 80,640,000 Yes
Gibraltar (UK) 30,000 Yes
Greece 10,758,000 Yes
Guernsey (UK) 63,000 Yes
Hungary 9,894,000 Yes
Iceland 324,000 No
Ireland 4,662,000 Yes
Isle of Man (UK) 87,000 Yes
Italy 59,789,000 Yes
Jersey (UK) 100,000 Yes
Latvia 2,011,000 Yes
Liechtenstein 37,000 No
Lithuania 2,956,000 Yes
Luxembourg 542,000 Yes
Macedonia 2,066,000 Yes
Malta 419,000 No
Moldova 3,486,000 Yes
Monaco 36,000 No
Montenegro 620,000 No
Netherlands 16,795,000 Yes
Norway 5,077,000 No
Poland 38,548,000 Yes
Portugal 10,609,000 Yes
Romania 19,858,000 Yes
Russia 143,455,000 No
San Marino 32,000 Yes
Serbia 7,203,000 No
Slovakia 5,413,000 No
Slovenia 2,062,000 Yes
Spain 46,958,000 Yes
Svalbard and Jan Mayen (Norway) 3,000 No
Sweden 9,595,000 Yes
Switzerland 8,075,000 Yes
Ukraine 45,461,000 No
United Kingdom 64,231,000 Yes
Vatican City 800 No

As always please check information before the time of travelling as government rules can change all the time, another consideration you have to think about is your hand luggage and if the size of bottle meets with the airlines regulations for carrying liquids.

Which States Is CBD Legal in the United States?

America probably has some of the most complexity around the laws surrounding CBD oil. Cannabis has become legal in many states across the US with more states still looking to adopt this stance. There is an issue here as state law is superseded by federal law. So, for example if you are to travel from a state that CBD oil is legal into a state that its illegal in, then you could be prosecuted under federal law which may carry a prison sentence. The advice is always to check what each states law is. It’s a bizarre situation to be living in one country where the laws vary throughout that country dependant upon what state you live in.

State State Code Hemp Derived CBD Marijuana Derived CBD
Georgia GA Yes No
Idaho ID No No
Indiana IN Yes No
Nebraska NE No No
South Dakota SD No No
Alaska AK Yes Yes
Arizona AZ Yes Yes
Arkansas AR Yes Yes
California CA Yes Yes
Colorado CO Yes Yes
Connecticut CT Yes Yes
Delaware DE Yes Yes
Florida FL Yes Yes
Hawaii HI Yes Yes
Illinois IL Yes Yes
Alabama AL Yes Yes
Iowa IA Yes Yes
Kansas KS Yes Yes
Kentucky KY Yes Yes
Louisiana LA Yes Yes
Maine ME Yes Yes
Maryland MD Yes Yes
Massachusetts MA Yes Yes
Michigan MI Yes Yes
Minnesota MN Yes Yes
Mississippi MS Yes Yes
Missouri MO Yes Yes
Montana MT Yes Yes
Nevada NV Yes Yes
New Hampshire NH Yes Yes
New Jersey NJ Yes Yes
New Mexico NM Yes Yes
New York NY Yes Yes
North Carolina NC Yes Yes
North Dakota ND Yes Yes
Ohio OH Yes Yes
Oklahoma OK Yes Yes
Oregon OR Yes Yes
Pennsylvania PA Yes Yes
Rhode Island RI Yes Yes
South Carolina SC Yes Yes
Tennessee TN Yes Yes
Texas TX Yes Yes
Utah UT Yes Yes
Vermont VT Yes Yes
Virginia VA Yes Yes
Washington WA Yes Yes
West Virginia WV Yes yes
Wisconsin WI Yes yes
Wyoming WY Yes yes

Is CBD Legal in Canada?

So, this one is super easy to answer, CBD oil is legal in Canada in any form as Cannabis throughout all of the Canada is legal.

Which Countries Is CBD Legal in South America?

South America is an interesting area, so the simple answer is no with only Uruguay legalising it. This doesn’t tell the whole story here though, as there isn’t any specific information available around CBD. What we have looked at here instead is the legality of cannabis.

There are a handful of countries that have decriminalised cannabis, but the drug is still illegal. So that’s confusing… The reality of what that means is that although the drug is illegal, if you are found to have it on you, you won’t be arrested. So, we can presume that CBD with trace amounts of THC will be ok in those countries. We would advise against trying to take CBD into those countries where it isn’t legal, unless you would like to spend some time in a South American prison. Just one thing to note is there are some oddities around some of the laws. For instance; Uruguay it isn’t legal for foreigners, but it is for local people.

Country Population Is CBD Legal
Brazil 201,033,000 No but Decriminalised
Colombia 47,130,000 No but Decriminalised
Argentina 41,350,000 No but Decriminalised
Peru 30,476,000 No but Decriminalised
Venezuela 29,760,000 No
Chile 16,841,000 No but Decriminalised
Ecuador 15,779,000 No but Decriminalised
Bolivia 10,517,000 No but Decriminalised
Paraguay 6,849,000 No but Decriminalised
Uruguay 3,297,000 Yes
Guyana 798,000 No
Suriname 539,000 No
French Guiana 259,000 No
Falkland Islands (UK) 3,000 No but Decriminalised

Which Countries Is CBD Legal in Africa?

Africa is an area that it was difficult to find any definitive answers, this means that we have had to look at the cannabis laws because CBD isn’t a market that has really developed within this continent yet. From looking at this, there is only South Africa that would be legal to have CBD oil. The rest of the African countries it’s a definitive NO.

From those who have visited some of the countries in North Africa in particular, you will notice that cannabis is smoked in a number of those countries and the law turns a blind eye to it. However, I wouldn’t want to risk brining anything with THC traces into any of those countries.

Country Population Is CBD Legal
Algeria 38,295,000 no
Angola 21,256,000 no
Benin 9,742,000 no
Botswana 2,096,000 no
Burkina Faso 17,323,000 no
Burundi 9,023,000 no
Cameroon 20,930,000 no
Cape Verde 511,000 no
Central African Republic 5,217,000 no
Chad 12,948,000 no
Comoros 743,000 no
Democratic Republic of the Congo 74,618,000 no
Djibouti 912,000 no
Egypt 84,605,000 no
Equatorial Guinea 1,837,000 no
Eritrea 4,980,000 no
Ethiopia 86,614,000 no
Gabon 2,204,000 no
Gambia 1,794,000 no
Ghana 26,441,000 no
Guinea 11,861,000 no
Guinea-Bissau 1,699,000 no
Ivory Coast 23,919,000 no
Kenya 43,291,000 no
Lesotho 1,887,000 no
Liberia 3,881,000 no
Libya 6,323,000 no
Madagascar 21,852,000 no
Malawi 15,316,000 no
Mali 16,678,000 no
Mauritania 3,461,000 no
Mauritius 1,273,000 no
Mayotte (France) 217,000 no
Morocco 32,950,000 no
Mozambique 24,491,000 no
Namibia 2,170,000 no
Niger 17,493,000 no
Nigeria 177,096,000 no
Republic of the Congo 4,525,000 no
Reunion (France) 862,000 no
Rwanda 10,780,000 no
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (UK) 4,000 no
Sao Tome and Principe 194,000 no
Senegal 13,567,000 no
Seychelles 94,000 no
Sierra Leone 5,823,000 no
Somalia 9,662,000 no
South Africa 52,982,000 yes
South Sudan 10,334,000 no
Sudan 35,150,000 no
Swaziland 1,077,000 no
Tanzania 45,950,000 no
Togo 6,675,000 no
Total 1,099,755,000 no
Tunisia 10,889,000 no
Uganda 35,363,000 no
Western Sahara 650,000 no
Zambia 14,129,000 no
Zimbabwe 13,098,000 no

Which Countries Is CBD Legal in the Caribbean?

When everyone thinks about the Caribbean they think of Jamaica and ‘joints’, the Caribbean is a more complex area with influence from Spain, America, The U.K and The Netherlands. These countries have all added to the history of many of the countries within this paradise location.

As a result, laws can vary greatly island to island, this is no different with CBD laws. Across much of the Caribbean CBD isn’t yet legal due to the THC trace elements, so we would advise against travelling with this if you are planning to holiday to the majority of these islands. Again, please always check before travelling as laws can change.

Country Population Is CBD Legal
Anguilla (UK) 14,000 no
Antigua and Barbuda 88,000 yes
Aruba (Kingdom of the Netherlands) 105,000 no
Bahamas 368,000 no
Barbados 276,000 no
British Virgin Islands (UK) 32,000 no
Caribbean Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands) 23,000 no
Cayman Islands (UK) 60,000 no
Cuba 11,163,000 no
Curacao (Kingdom of the Netherlands) 155,000 no
Dominica 71,000 no
Dominican Republic 9,745,000 no
Grenada 103,000 no
Guadeloupe (France) 409,000 no
Haiti 10,671,000 no
Jamaica 2,715,000 yes
Martinique (France) 398,000 no
Montserrat (UK) 5,000 no
Puerto Rico (US) 3,641,000 no
Saint Barthelemy (France) 10,000 no
Saint Kitts and Nevis 55,000 no
Saint Lucia 170,000 no
Saint Martin (France) 39,000 no
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 97,000 no
Sint Maarten (Kingdom of the Netherlands) 41,000 no
Trinidad and Tobago 1,344,000 no
Turks and Caicos Islands (UK) 33,000 No
United States Virgin Islands (US) 106,000 Yes

Which Countries Is CBD Legal in the Middle East

For the purpose of safety, the best answer here is don’t take CBD products to any middle eastern country, as many still carry the death penalty for drug smuggling. This is something that we will talk about later in this post.

There is dispute over the legalities of it in Israel however, where they have started trials in pharmacies for medicinal use.

Country Population Is CBD Legal
Bahrain 1,546,000 no
Egypt 84,605,000 no
Iran 76,789,000 no
Iraq 35,404,000 no
Israel 8,047,000 no
Jordan 6,517,000 no
Kuwait 3,852,000 no
Lebanon 4,127,000 no
Oman 3,942,000 no
Palestine 4,421,000 no
Qatar 1,917,000 no
Saudi Arabia 30,193,000 no
Syria 22,169,000 no
Turkey 76,081,000 no
United Arab Emirates 8,659,000 no
Yemen 25,252,000 no

Which Countries Is CBD Legal in Asia?

Asia is a difficult one, as a continent it is the most diverse out of them all. There is only one country with any literature that says that CBD oil is legal and that’s India. There are others like Japan and Singapore that say it isn’t a controlled substance if it has 0% THC, which as most hemp-based products still have up to 1% then it really isn’t worth the risk. This continent is one of the strictest after the Middle East. We would always advise checking before you travel here as some countries do carry the death penalty in Asia for drug smuggling.

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Country Population Is CBD Legal
Afghanistan 30,419,928 No
Bahrain 1,248,348 No
Bangladesh 161,083,804 No
Bhutan 716,896 No
Brunei 408,786 No
Cambodia 14,952,665 No
China 1,343,239,923 No
India 1,205,073,612 Yes
Indonesia 248,645,008 No
Japan 127,368,088 No
Jordan 6,508,887 No
Kazakhstan 17,522,010 No
Korea North 24,589,122 No
Korea South 48,860,500 No
Kuwait 2,646,314 No
Kyrgyzstan 5,496,737 No
Laos 6,586,266 No
Lebanon Lebanese Republic 4,140,289 No
Malaysia 29,179,952 No
Maldives 394,451 No
Mongolia 3,179,997 No
Myanmar 54,584,650 No
Nepal 29,890,686 No
Oman 3,090,150 No
Pakistan 190,291,129 No
Palestine 4,225,710 No
Philippines 103,775,002 No
Singapore 5,353,494 No
Sri Lanka 21,481,334 No
Syria 22,530,746 No
Tajikistan 7,768,385 No
Thailand 67,091,089 No
Timor-Leste/East Timor 1,143,667 No
Turkmenistan 5,054,828 No
Uzbekistan 28,394,180 No
Vietnam / Viet Nam 91,519,289 No
Yemen 24,771,809 No

Is CBD Legal in Austraia and New Zealand?

Although most of the western world had become more tolerant and relaxed many of the laws around CBD, Australia are still a little behind on this. People can have it prescribed medically in some states and in others its still completely banned. This position could change as attitudes become more relaxed around CBD. New Zealand no longer class it as a controlled substance and have made the distinction between Hemp derived with up to 2% THC traces and medicinal CBD oil which can only be prescribed. We would advise against traveling to Australia with CBD oil, however New Zealand should be ok but as always check with the governing bodies before you travel.

Can I Travel With CBD Oil With A Doctors Note?

Unfortunately, that won’t wash in every country in the world, the penalties will still be the same as if you didn’t have one. Our advice is never to risk it, if you must get in touch with the consulate of that country before travelling to make sure that you are legally allowed to.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Well I don’t think anyone wants to be stuck in a jail in Asia or the Middle East, these are the countries with some of the most severe penalties for drug smuggling. We are not saying that you would spend the rest of your life in prison for a small bottle of CBD oil with trace amounts of THC in it, however the following countries carry the death penalty for drug smuggling. This will be on a huge scale though and not for personal use, but the penalties are severe so please don’t travel to any of these countries with CBD with any THC levels in it.

Country Death Penalty
Afghanistan Yes
Bahrain Yes
Bangladesh Yes
Belarus Yes
Botswana Yes
Chad Yes
China Yes
Egypt Yes
Indonesia Yes
Iran Yes
Iraq Yes
Jordan Yes
Kuwait Yes
Malaysia Yes
Nigeria Yes
North Korea Yes
Oman Yes
Pakistan Yes
Palestine Yes
Saudi Arabia Yes
Singapore Yes
Somalia Yes
South Korea Yes
South Sudan Yes
Sudan Yes
Taiwan Yes
Thailand Yes
United Arab Emirates Yes
Vietnam Yes
Yemen Yes


CBD Oil is still an emerging product and it hasn’t hit a global distribution as of yet, and with the cogitations that it is cannabis due to a lack of education. We can’t see this changing any time soon in those countries that haven’t adopted the stance of many westernised countries.

We personally wouldn’t risk it would be our advice unless you are 100% certain that the country you are entering has legalised the product.

There are a couple of things that we would always check.

  • What level of THC does your product contain? as those countries that have legalised the product have varying levels allowable.
  • Always check with our government about travel to another country or the consulate for the country that you are travelling to.

Always make sure who you have bought your CBD oil from has third party testing so that you know what levels of THC are actually present, as the last thing that you want to do is enter a country and bought CBD oil in good faith which turns out to have much higher levels that you may have thought.

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This blog is only a guide a guide and its up to each person to do their own research before travelling and YourHemp takes no responsibility for any action taken against individuals for information within this blog post.


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