How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?

How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?
18th February 2020 YourHemp
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How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?

The best answer – Whatever the recommended dose is on the bottle you’ve purchased.

CBD seems to be everywhere at the moment, with the ever-growing industry continuing its popular rise as shown here by google.

There seems to be so many questions around this new topic and finding the correct answer may be misleading depending on where the information is coming from. To be honest, many companies out there still don’t have all the answers but will be happy to make out they do. Unfortunately, with the industry being unregulated company agendas do plague the CBD market with false and misleading information. Which is a shame on the ethical companies out there.

A study was done in the UK which found that 62% of the “UK high street products didn’t contain the CBD content promised.”

However, don’t be too concerned as the good news is that the industry is making waves in cleaning up its act. The governments idea is to find those companies that are misrepresenting the honest and safe CBD companies in the UK and start shutting the dishonest/ untrustworthy companies down.

You’ve Came to The Right Place!

You’re in safe hands, we follow strict guidelines set by the CTA, FSA and MHRA with no personal agendas. We want the best for the future of CBD and to help educate you on what CBD has to offer. So, lets help you with the all-important question of ‘How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?

Well right now, the industry doesn’t have enough scientific data to answer exactly ‘how many drops of CBD oil should I take’, per individual. But more research is ongoing. As mentioned above the simple answer for now is to follow the recommended dose stated on your product.


Why is it hard to know How many milligrams of CBD oil will I need?

Everyone is different

We wish we could give you an accurate dose per person but like all supplements there are so many different variables which need to be taken into accountant such as:

  • Your Body Weight
  • Your Body’s Chemistry
  • Your Diet
  • Your Genetics
  • Your Environment
  • Your Metabolism
  • Your Body’s Tolerance
  • The Concentration of CBD

So, for now rough estimates from CBD companies are a good place to start. Then from that you can work out the right amount for you by experimenting with your oil.


Find out How Much CBD Oil is right for you by following these steps.

  1. What the recommended dose is from your CBD Oil product?
  2. How many milligrams of CBD per drop?
  3. Start small and increase
  4. Always document


Dosage of CBD Oil

We need to understand what the recommended dose is as this is the closet place to start in finding your correct dose. YourHemp recommend taking a dose around 20mg of CBD per day. This is shown on the instruction that are displayed on the product packaging. This should be the shown the same on your CBD Oil product.


How many MG in a drop of CBD Oil?

To find how many milligrams are in a drop you need to know the:

  • Total CBD in a Bottle
  • Amount of ML in a Bottle

Once you know this you can the accurately measure how many drops you would need per dose. Here below is a graph of YourHemp products which shows you how many milligrams are in a drop per product.

Please follow our CBD Dosage chart:

YourHemp CBD Oils – 10ml Bottle CBD mg per Drop
500mg / 10ml 2mg
1000mg / 10ml 4mg
2000mg / 20ml 4mg


How many drops does it take to get 20mg of CBD?

This will depend on the milligrams of CBD per drop. As you can see from the table this has been broken down to show the amount of mg of CBD in each drop per product.

To achieve 20mg per dose you would need to take:

  • 500mg – 10 Drops
  • 1000mg – 5 Drops
  • 2000mg – 2/3 Drops

The equation to use to know how many drops is:

Total mg of product = ‘X’ 

[recommended dose] / [milligrams CBD per drop] = Total Drops Per Dose.

  • 500mg – 20mg / 2mg = 10 Drops
  • 1000mg – 20mg / 4mg = 5 Drops
  • 2000mg – 20mg / 9mg = 2.22 Drops (2/3)

Top tip – When using a pipette always dose while checking in a mirror so you can see how many drops you’re using. No need to use more than you need, this will save you oil and money in the long run!


Finding the Right CBD Oil Dose for You

We want to keep things as simple as possible as there is a wide range of variables which need to be considered to reach the ideal dose of CBD for you, but the simplest way to achieve this is trial an error.

Start small and increase or decrease over time. Use your CBD suppliers recommended dose and slowly increase or decrease until you reach your desired effect. Please document this to keep track of what milligrams of CBD you’re taking per dose and then per day.


Advantages of Finding the Right CBD Oil Dose

  • Cost EffectiveSaving money is something we all want to be able to do. Finding the right CBD dose for you does just that. How you may ask? Well, the short answer is, the more you pay for a larger MG bottle, the cheaper it becomes per MG.
  • More Effective

The most important advantage. Health is wealth and finding a product you can rely on and with an accurate dosing amount in every bottle which is safe, to help you hit your well-being goals is important.


How Many Drops in a Pipette?

Each full pipette will roughly contain 20 drops of CBD Oil with YourHemp CBD Oils. Depending on the CBD content (MG) in the bottle will determine the outcome of CBD per full pipette.  Please note that the number of drops in a pipette may differ with another brand.


Is CBD Legal?

Yes, CBD is 100% legal in the UK with a maximum THC value 0.2%. Most CBD companies in the UK will claim their products do fall into this but always check their third-party lab certificates to make sure.

Be aware CBD is legal in many countries however we recommend reading our blog if you’re unsure if CBD may be legal in your country. This is also extremely helpful when it comes to knowing if you can take your CBD Oil on holiday with you.


 Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD Oil is safe if purchased from trustworthy CBD companies. As of February 2020, the FSA have advised that individuals should take no more than 70mg per day.

“CBD is not addictive or Psychoactive”


Talk to Your Doctor

Like if you were to take any new supplement, it’s always advisable to ask your doctor. However, you must ask your doctor if you are:

  • Currently taking medication
  • Breast feeding

Don’t let this scare you from still purchasing CBD Oil, it’s just sensible to double check with your doctor if you are either or both above.


What Other Ways to Take CBD?

CBD doesn’t just come in oil form. You may have seen some crazy CBD products out there from CBD Bath bombs to CBD Beer and even CBD Burgers, we would recommend maybe looking at more natural and ‘actual’ ways of getting your daily dose of CBD, like so:

  • Water Solubles
  • Creams
  • Skincare
  • Gummies
  • Tablets / Capsules


Finding a Trustworthy CBD Brand – Why YourHemp

Now you’re on the right track to find how many drops of CBD oil should you take. You now need to find the right CBD brand for you.

Here at YourHemp, what separates us from the rest of the industry is the relationship & attachment we have to the Cannabis Sativa L Plant. Each product is created to remain as close to the plant as possible.

All YourHemp products are made from 100% natural ingredients with the extracts derived from Organic hemp farms in Europe free from additives, pesticides, GMO’s and chemical solvents. Then produced by our specialist team in Europe from innovating labs through elite extraction methods and preparation process, resulting in the purest, richest & safest cannabidiol.

Due to the increase in many untrusted CBD products on the market we at YourHemp pride ourselves in following the MHRA, CTA and FSA guidelines with full transparency of all our 3rd Party Test results which each product undergoes. Please see the results here.

Finally, don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about our CBD products, delivery and Customer Service on TrustPilot which we’re 5 Star Rated.

*What does Rich in Terpenes Mean?

Terpenes are a diverse class of organic compounds created by plants. These are responsible for the armours and flavours. Terpenes are very important to us due their working relationship with cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Many terpenes are lost during the extraction process, but with YourHemps elite methods of extraction, all-natural terpenes are still present.


A Conclusion on CBD Oil Dosing

Finding the right dose might be baffling at first, as the CBD world is already overwhelming with the vast amount of information out there with not enough clear answers. We know this is a lot of information to take in. But don’t get too stressed, the main takeaway is to listen to your body.

Use the recommendations given by your trusted CBD supplier as a starting point, document how you feel and then choose whether you want to experiment do so by increasing or decreasing your CBD Oil based on how you feel.

Like always, please don’t hesitate if you’ve any questions as we’re always here to help via email or drop us a message on Instagram.

Email –

Instagram –

Wanting to learn more? Check out our guide on how to use CBD Oil here!


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