YourHemp CBD Lab Certificates

Why You Need 3rd Party Lab Test Certificates for CBD

As a responsible retailer of CBD all our products are fully tested and comply with all legislation for those products. If you are buying CBD products always make sure that the retailer has lab certificates as without them you don’t actually know what you are putting into your body. We want all our customers to be as safe as possible, this is why we follow all legislation for CBD products and allow all customers access to those lab reports to be as transparent as possible.

YourHemp 500mg CBD Oil Lab Certificates

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YourHemp 500mg Oil cert YOH001
YourHemp 500mg Oil cert YOH005

YourHemp 1000mg CBD Oil Lab Certificates

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YourHemp 1000mg Oil cert YOH002
YourHemp 1000mg Oil cert YOH006

YourHemp 1800mg CBD Oil Lab Certificates

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YourHemp 1800mg Oil cert YOH003
YourHemp 1800mg Oil cert YOH007
YourHemp 1800mg Oil cert YOH008

YourHemp 200mg Skin Cream CBD Lab Certificates

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YourHemp 200mg CBD Skin Cream WP-WL04408