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What is the Cannabis Trade Association?

What is the Cannabis Trades Association?

The Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) is an Organisation to help CBD retailers produce safe, regulated products for the public. Their goal is to keep the industry clean, and compliant with all of the governments rules & regulations.

The CTA work with every Trading Standards branch that is active within the UK. This includes; The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Food Standards Agency (FSA), Home Office & UK Law enforcement.


How did the CTA start?

In 2016 the MHRA formed the idea that CBD products should only be controlled by the government health authorities. As the industry was so small CBD products were marketed to the public from retailers as medicines. This was completely wrong by the retailers and dangerous. The issue here is, CBD is not a medicine. Medicines have to go through years of clinical trials to see whether it is has therapeutic benefits or not.

CBD has not gone through these clinical trials, meaning that CBD is not a medicinal product in any way shape or form.

The current products in the CBD market are not medicines, they are food supplements. This is very important to note, if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they would be incorrect.

To stop the CBD food supplement industry from being shut down, the CTA was created to act as an Organisation that represents the CBD retailers. This is to protect the flourishing CBD food supplement industry that keeps growing & growing.


So, what does the CTA actually do?

So basically, the CTA will only accept retailers into the Association only if they are completely compliant with all regulations and UK Laws.

If any retailers are not compliant with all regulations and UK Laws, the CTA will swiftly be in-contact to make sure any needed changes on the website or marketing campaign in question are changed.

If any companies are not compliant, further action will be taken and their information will be passed onto the government bodies to deal with & potentially shut down these retailers from trading.

Top tip – If you see any CBD retailer claiming any medicinal benefit to their products, they are breaking the law and could be deemed untrustworthy and unsafe to the general public. It would be advised that you stay clear of those retailers.

If any new laws are developed and created, the CTA will be at the forefront conversing with the government bodies to help roll out the new rules and regulations. They basically act as a middleman between retailers & the government to make sure the industry is safe and compliant which will in turn protect the public.

A statement from the CTA: “If the industry does not work together to ensure standards and advice is consistent and above all legal, there will not be an industry.”

It is advised that you only purchase from CBD retailers that are registered with the CTA, as this will mean that public safety is at the forefront of these retailer’s ethos.


The future of the CTA?

Well, CBD & Cannabis products in general are here for the long run. The CTA will aim to grow and become the only Association for all countries around the world to help keep the Cannabis industry compliant with local laws, and safe for the public.


If you want to know more about the CTA, follow the link here:

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