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Will CBD Oil get Cheaper?

Will CBD Oil Get Cheaper?

CBD has been a fast-growing industry and has been prevalent within the media over the last 18 months and everyone seems to be asking will CBD oil get cheaper than it is now? The answer as always isn’t that straight forward as there are numerous factors that can impact the cost of CBD and why prices vary from one seller to the next.

Reasons Why CBD is Expensive:

*   Extraction Method *   Concentration of CBD *   Purity *   Supplier *   Lab Certificates (to make sure the product is what it says) *   Business Costs Can all have a major impact on pricing. Here at Yourhemp our advice is to always put your safety first, regardless of the price. The CBD oil market has gathered momentum, unfortunately meaning there are many untested, low grade, and cheaply made CBD oils which are potentially unsafe for human consumption and are of an inferior quality available to purchase. Here at YourHemp we want to give you factors to take into consideration when purchasing CBD to determine whether the company is value for money and most importantly safe.

How to know your getting quality CBD

*   Lab Certificates Always check the that lab certificates are available on their website and that the percentage of CBD is what is being advertised on the bottle, also make sure that batch numbers are available on request so that there is full traceability of those products. *   Legal – less than 0.2% THC It’s a legal requirement to only sell CBD oil containing no more than 0.2% THC. If this is stated that the contents of the oils have a higher percentage than 0.2% this is illegal in the UK. *   Website Check that the company is registered with companies house and that they have a LTD company number, this means that they have registered with companies house and will have had to appoint directors. Also check that the site is https:// at the front of the domain, this indicates that the domain is secure and can be trusted, if it only has http:// or www. And no padlock then your data is not secure. *   Payments / Checkout process Does the website have an SSL certificate, again for payments this adds a level of security, so you can be certain that your payment and personal information is secure? Also check that the payment gateways are secure and properly set up. *   Are they a Cannabis Trade Association UK Member The Cannabis Trade Association UK or the CTA is the UKs only centric trade association working with all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industry. Their focus is to promote good practice, provide practical advice and ensuring consumers of legal cannabis and hemp products have access to information provided first hand from the government. Working closely with the MHRA and FSA this is the UK’s go to company for any government changes regarding CBD.

Other Factors Impacting the Price of CBD Oil

When it comes to CBD oil, cheaper is definitely not always better, as the production of the highest quality CBD oil is expensive. Purchase from a company willing to create the highest quality CBD Oil by looking out for the following, as these create a purer form of the product: *   Extraction Method – YourHemp Superior-Extraction Methods – Cold Pressed Our Extraction Methods are the cleanest, safest & produce the most effective. Often Supercritical Co2 Extraction is marketed as the best or safest, but this is now known to not be the case. Supercritical Co2 Extraction methods are the most common as they are a cheaper way to produce CBD products, but not the most effective. *   Full-Spectrum Extract Full Spectrum Extract refers to the maintaining of the complex range of captivating compounds in the plant, preserving these natural compounds while removing the impurities. *   Organically Grown *   GMO Free *   Third Party Lab Tested *   Gluten Free So, will CBD oil get Cheaper? The answer is unknown, but with the many low-grade oils on the market the question shouldn’t be will it get cheaper, it should be which is safer. Your health is the most important. Don’t be tempted to purchase a low-grade oil as this won’t give you the positive effects of a more premium oil and possibly do your body harm. Look for a pure, solvent and pesticide free oil which has been extracted from raw organic hemp material. I think the most important thing to remember is can you put a value on your health. We would love to hear your feedback about products or companies that you have had a bad experience of with CBD.

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